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The most noteworthy part of Civil Service Exam is to have a learned, experienced and dedicated guide. The conduct and pattern of the exam demands high level of dedication, patience, perseverance and to a great extend an able helping hand to fuel their preparations.  We at IAS ABHIYAN has redefined the preparation of IAS Exam much more simpler by providing Free Daily Current Affairs be it Section Wise for Mains /Prelims inFOCUS/ Prelims Booster /Prelims inShots /Abhiyan Pedia, Quality Mock Test Series, Compilations of Standard/NCERT Books, Monthly Current Affairs Digest (CAD) specially designed for Prelims and Mains. As part of your IAS exam preparation, take a few minutes every day and practice concentrating on a single point for some time at IAS ABHIYAN. Follow your dream and keep up your dedication and sincere preparation under the right mentor from IAS ABHIYAN to guide you throughout your journey. Arise, Awake, and Stop not till the goal is reached.

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IAS Abhiyan's Popular Courses

ALP-Abhiyan 2022 Will be Launched Soon

Prelims Mock Test Series: Lakshya 2021

Mock Tests on Current Affairs, Fundamental Tests, CSAT & Full Length Tests

Current Affairs Crash Course 2021

Monthly Current Affairs Digest, Prelims inFOCUS, Section Wise Modules, Monthly Data & Facts etc.

NCERT Summary Notes for Beginners

NCERT Notes (Class 6-12th) for Basic Level Learning in a summarized version (New+Old)

Prelims inShots 2021

International Organisations, TR, NP, WLS, GI Tags, Environment Conventions, Buddhism /Jainism etc.

Mains Shots 2021

Important Monthly Data/Facts, Reports & Indices, Best Practices, Case Studies, Quotes for Essay, ARC Summary, Key Phrases etc.

Section Wise Current Affairs Modules for Prelims 2021

Section Wise Current Affairs Modules for UPSC Prelims 2021. Time Period: May 2020 till September 2021

Current Affairs for UPSC-Our Free Initiatives

UPSC Mains inSider

UPSC Mains Booster

IAS Abhiyan UPSC Prelims Special

IAS Abhiyan Standard Books Summary Notes (Recommended by Toppers)

IAS Abhiyan UPSC Mains Special