23rd Conference of Parties (COP)-COP23


  • The 23rd annual conference of the parties (COP) under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) kicked off in Bonn, Germany.
  • The purpose of the two-week meeting led by Fiji is to negotiate and outline how to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change signed by nearly 200 countries in December 2015 in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help poorer countries adapt to an already-changed planet.

The aim of COP23:

  • While the aim of the event is much larger, nations attending the COP23 are scheduled to finalise the rulebook of the Paris Agreement. This process was started in Marrakesh 2016 meet. These rules will dictate how the Agreement would be monitored and executed. It will change the famous 1997 Kyoto Protocol by 2020.
  • The rulebook will include new international standards for measuring carbon emissions. These standards will ensure comparison of efforts made by various countries.
  • However, a few negotiators, like the US, deny the impacts of climate change and argue that the efforts cost a huge amount of resources.

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