32 nations lack policies for families with children: UNICEF

Highlights of the Report:

  • Thirty-two countries, having the world’s 85mn children under the age of five, do not have any essential policy that supports families with young children.
  • According to the global body, 40 per cent of the 85mn children live in just two countries — Bangladesh and the U.S. Data from various countries including India was missing. 
  • According to the report, Early Moments Matter for Every Child, two years of free pre-primary education, paid breastfeeding breaks during the first six months of a child’s life followed by six months of paid maternity leave as well as four weeks of paid paternity leave help lay a critical foundation for optimal early childhood development.
  • It also mentioned that a quarter of all children aged between two and four in 64 countries do not take part in activities essential for brain development such as playing, reading and singing.


  • We need to do more to give parents and care givers of young children the support they need during this most critical period of brain development.
  • That if nations don’t invest now in the most vulnerable children and families, they will continue to perpetuate inter generational cycles of disadvantage and inequality.
  • “These policies help parents better protect their children and provide them with better nutrition, play and early learning experiences in the crucial first years of life when the brain grows at a rate never to be repeated.”


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