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The most noteworthy part of such an exam is to have a learned, experienced and dedicated guide. We at IAS ABHIYAN has redefined the preparation of IAS Exam much more simpler by providing quality Test Series, Compilations of Standard/NCERT Books, Monthly Current Affairs specially designed for Prelims and Mains. Use it meticulously and learn on how to succeed UPSC Exam. As part of your IAS exam preparation, take a few minutes every day and practice concentrating on a single point for some time at IAS ABHIYAN. Follow your dream and keep up your dedication and sincere preparation under the right mentor from IAS ABHIYAN to guide you throughout your preparation. For those appearing for successive attempts, do not let the thoughts of past failures deter you. Instead, focus on your learning from those attempts. Remember one thing a well-designed and flexible strategy is key to success in this exam. It is true that the syllabus is vast and the variables that can affect outcomes are myriad. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that every year, many deserving candidates, from diverse backgrounds, get the rank they had aimed for! Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

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Must Read News Articles – July-01-2019
Nagaland to initiate its own version of NRC from July 10 Most see free legal ...
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Must Read News Articles – June-29-2019
President Trump promises a ‘very big trade deal with India’ ‘Move on electric vehicles is ...
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Must Read News Articles – June-28-2019
Bombay High Court upholds reservation for Marathas National mission on natural language translation soon India’s ...
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Must Read News Articles – June-27-2019
Buddhist relic unearthed in AP village 54 nations back India for UNSC non-permanent seat India ...
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Must Read News Articles – June-26-2019
Kerala tops the list for best performing State in health 31.4% of Indian children will ...
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Must Read News Articles – June-25-2019
Govt. bringing back artefacts from abroad Passports with advanced security features soon Aadhaar Bill introduced ...
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Trending on Current Affairs

Crux of Editorials

Protecting incarcerated women-Prison Reform
Context: That a mother and child are inseparable is a truism. Odisha’s prisons validate it, but for a different reason ...
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Ayushman Bharat: a health scheme that should not fail
Context: The launch of Ayushman Bharat, a national health protection scheme (NHPS), in the last stretch of this government’s tenure comes ...
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Ireland’s vote for choice
Context: Ireland has firmly pulled itself into the 21st century by voting overwhelmingly to repeal the constitutional block on abortions. In a ...
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The RERA report card
Context: The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) came into effect (May 1 2017). There is still a ...
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Do we need the office of the Governor?
Context: Decision to first invite the majority Party  to take a stab at forming the government was perhaps a legitimate ...
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The one-child policy
Context: After four decades of population control, the concerns of an ageing population have caught up with the Chinese. This ...
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International Affairs

Being a good neighbour
Context: If South Asia is one of the world’s least ...
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New peace agreement on Yemen
What triggered the truce? The ceasefire between Yemen’s Houthi rebels ...
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Science & Technological Issues

Drug-resistant superbug spreading in hospitals: study.
Context: The bacteria, known as Staphylococcus epidermidis. It is related to the better-known and more ...
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Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager mission
Context: Recently NASA-funded Rocket to View Sun with X-Ray Vision About FOXSI (Focusing Optics X-ray Solar ...
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Hope Mars Mission
It is a space exploration probe mission to Mars. Set to be launched by the ...
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What are monster galaxies?
They are thought to be the ancestors of the huge elliptical galaxies in today’s universe ...
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How Nemo got his stripes decoded
Context: Scientists have decoded the evolution of the distinctive orange and white patterned clownfish — ...
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Chandrayaan-1 data confirms presence of ice on Moon: NASA
Context: Scientists have found frozen water deposits in the darkest and coldest parts of the ...
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Environmental, Ecology & Geography Issues

Containing a virus
How serious are the lion deaths ...
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Western Ghats is home to the Eurasian Otter
Context: It has taken more than ...
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Economical Issues

Salient features of GST
The salient features of GST are as under: (i)GST is ...
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Indian Wind Turbine Certification Scheme (IWTCS)
Context: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, in consultation with ...
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70% Youth Unaware of Govt’s Skill Development Programmes: WEF
Context: Though the government is aiming to skill 40 crore people ...
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New PSU’s Included in CPSE ETF
Context: Ministry of Finance recently included four public sector undertakings (PSUs) NTPC, ...
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Bills and Policies

Types of questions in Parliament
* Starred Questions These are questions that are answered orally on the floor of the House ...
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The Uttar Pradesh Control of Organised Crime Bill (UPCOCB), 2017
Context: The Uttar Pradesh House passed The Uttar Pradesh Control of Organised Crime Bill (UPCOCB), ...
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Minorities’ commission to seek constitutional status
Context: The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) has decided to approach the government for granting ...
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How is the Chief Justice of India impeached?
On Friday, April 20, 2018, Opposition leaders met Chairman of the Rajya Sabha M. Venkaiah ...
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Reviewing the Contempt of Courts Act
Context: The Contempt of Courts Act of 1971 is one of the most powerful statutes ...
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India is a union of states, it’s time to act like one
Context: The possibility of the 15th Finance Commission (FC) using the 2011 census for revenue ...
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Miscellaneous Issues

The marvel at Bhitargaon
Context: The excavations of cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation ...
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