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The most noteworthy part of such an exam is to have a learned, experienced and dedicated guide. We at IAS ABHIYAN has redefined the preparation of IAS Exam much more simpler by providing quality Test Series, Compilations of Standard/NCERT Books, Monthly Current Affairs specially designed for Prelims and Mains. Use it meticulously and learn on how to succeed UPSC Exam. As part of your IAS exam preparation, take a few minutes every day and practice concentrating on a single point for some time at IAS ABHIYAN. Follow your dream and keep up your dedication and sincere preparation under the right mentor from IAS ABHIYAN to guide you throughout your preparation. For those appearing for successive attempts, do not let the thoughts of past failures deter you. Instead, focus on your learning from those attempts. Remember one thing a well-designed and flexible strategy is key to success in this exam. It is true that the syllabus is vast and the variables that can affect outcomes are myriad. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that every year, many deserving candidates, from diverse backgrounds, get the rank they had aimed for! Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

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Must Read News Articles – August-7-2018
Thirty years after the 8888 uprising Three northeastern States emerge as new HIV hotspots Rebooting ...
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Must Read News Articles – August-6-2018
Brexit troubles Clarifying asylum Change gears Anatomy of an outbreak The problem at the WTO ...
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Must Read News Articles – August-4-2018
Centre pushes for quota in promotion for SCs/STs Impasse ends Checking the new abnormal Social ...
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Must Read News Articles – August-3-2018
Prosecution under Benami Act stuck Adultery law violates the dignity of woman, says SC Managing ...
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Must Read News Articles – August-2-2018
To what end this exercise? Cabinet clears Bill to restore the provisions of SC/ST Act ...
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Must Read News Articles – August-1-2018
Friends or Seoul-mates? Numbing numbers Set procedure to vet NRC claims: SC Rajasthan first State ...
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Trending on Current Affairs

Crux of Editorials

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International Affairs

Being a good neighbour
Context: If South Asia is one of the world’s least ...
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New peace agreement on Yemen
What triggered the truce? The ceasefire between Yemen’s Houthi rebels ...
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Science & Technological Issues

Near-Infrared (NIR) light
An organic filter that allows only near-infrared (NIR) light to pass through has been developed ...
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NASA telescopes have spotted rings of comets
Scientists using NASA telescopes have spotted narrow dense rings of comets coming together to form ...
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Activated jamun to remove fluoride from water
Now, while removing excess fluoride from drinking water, the usual problems such as high operational ...
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Expert group for suggestions on artificial intelligence policy
Context: The Union ministry of electronics and information technology has set up an internal committee ...
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A novel antibiotic — lugdunin
A novel antibiotic — lugdunin — produced by a bacterium found inside the human nose ...
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Gravitational waves Explained
What are gravitational waves?  Gravitational waves are small ripples in space-time that are believed to ...
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Environmental, Ecology & Geography Issues

Containing a virus
How serious are the lion deaths ...
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Western Ghats is home to the Eurasian Otter
Context: It has taken more than ...
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Economical Issues

Salient features of GST
The salient features of GST are as under: (i)GST is ...
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Indian Wind Turbine Certification Scheme (IWTCS)
Context: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, in consultation with ...
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70% Youth Unaware of Govt’s Skill Development Programmes: WEF
Context: Though the government is aiming to skill 40 crore people ...
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New PSU’s Included in CPSE ETF
Context: Ministry of Finance recently included four public sector undertakings (PSUs) NTPC, ...
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Bills and Policies

Explained: What is Money Bill and Financial Bill
Now that the enabling legislation for GST is in place (assuming it is passed by ...
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Prelims-2016 (Polity Session)-Compilations of Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth
Hello friends due to paucity of time the short notes with respect to Polity is ...
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Prelims-2016 (Polity Session)-Supreme Court in India
Appointment of Supreme Court Judge in IndiaThe Supreme court Judges in India are appointed by ...
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Miscellaneous Issues

The marvel at Bhitargaon
Context: The excavations of cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation ...
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