A Beginner’s Guide

Target NCERT for UPSC 2022

Why everybody gives so much attention on reading the NCERT book? What is the secret hidden there? This is a normal doubt for all beginners, those who are preparing for the civil service exam. Why are they not recommending different books like State level school books and other for the UPSC preparation? For a beginner, yes it is essential to go through the NCERT books. You need to be thorough with the prescribed NCERT books from class 6th to class 12th.

You can not build a great building on a weak foundation. If UPSC Civil Service Exam is superstructure then NCERTs are the bases. You should read them because ..

1. They will help you to start the habit of learning. The topics also converge with the demands of UPSC.

2. They are written in very simple language and from neutral perspective.

3. UPSC wants to provide level playing field for all. These books are not costly, readily accessible everywhere for all regardless of rich -poor or city-villages.

4. Every year at least 30-35 questions are directly asked from NCERTs.

5. Most importantly today’s era is flooded with vast information, contents and materials. Here NCERT books will filter the excesses. They will be time and content efficient.

Being the most basic books and written in very simple language, lucid and neutral perspective makes NCERTs as the base for the entire preparation. The time that is required to complete all NCERT books differ from individual to individual based on their understanding and grasping power. 

Why NCERT books are must for UPSC?

Before answering your question, let’s go through this one particular MCQ asked in Prelims 2017:

Q. Right to vote and to be elected in India is a

A) Fundamental Right

B) Natural Right

C) Constitutional Right

D) Legal Right

It was one of the most hotly debated questions asked especially in light of such ambiguous choices between C) and D). Let’s try to figure out the right one.

  1. If we go by latest supreme court judgements (eg. PUCL case, NOTA case), it is declared to be a legal right.

  2. In Laxmikanth book, it is mentioned as both constitutional as well as legal right.

  3. In class 12 NCERT Democracy in India, it is clearly written to be a constitutional right.

As you can see, different sources have taken different stands on right to vote.

Do you know what was the answer as per UPSC Official key ? It was Constitutional Right.

What I mean to say is that if UPSC is giving this level of importance to NCERTs, then you surely cannot afford to miss them.

 Target NCERT for UPSC CSE 2022 (A Beginner’s Guide) Programme

 From the above it is very clear that NCERT is a must. Keeping In view of the requirement, we have started an initiative to provide crux, mind maps and short notes of all the relevant NCERTs for UPSC CSE 2022.

It will be helpful for final reading/revision purpose only.

Most optimal way of doing our Short Notes:

  • Revise them monthly and after 4-5 iterations, you will reach the level that you may require around 4-5 hours only to revise entire NCERT books from class 6 to class 12.

  • Always remember, it’s not about reading and finishing the books but to remember those concepts, facts then recall them in the prelims and reproduce them in the mains examination.

  • Use them later as quick revision instead of reading whole book again and again.

NCERTs must be studied and prepared in such a way that it can be revised in 10-12 hours only. Never give up on the hard work, it will pay off someday if not today. Everybody wants crisp notes of NCERT to kick start UPSC Preparations. But we recommend first to read the complete book and follow our mind maps, crux and short notes to revise at the last minute. 

You can stick to it and revise it as much as you can. Believe us the compilations will suits as per the needs of the UPSC. Try to minimize your resources and stick to whatever we have provided. Remember revision is the key to crack this exam.

As a famous saying The first draft reveals the art, Revision reveals the artist.

Coverage Area (Class 6-12 NCERT- Combinations of Old + New Editions)

  • History

  • Geography

  • Environment

  • Polity

  • Art & Culture

  • Economy, Society & Science

When you will receive all our short notes?? (Time Line)

See if we send all the short notes/mind maps/crux at one go then, then it is obvious that, you will download it and keep somewhere (Folder) to read at the time of exam which is not at all recommended. Our motive behind bringing this initiative is to make you prepare full NCERT books then revising our crux notes respectively. We will send class wise/subject specific NCERTs so that you will understand all the basics from the lower to the higher level. 

Timeline: In Between October 2021 to May 2022 -From Class 6th to 12th, we will deliver the best compilations ever you will find in the market. 

Always remember

“There is no replacement or alternative for NCERT Books as it makes you understand in a simple way”

Why to read refer / compilations of NCERTs from IAS ABHIYAN ?

Our Notes are recommended by Top Educational Institutions for UPSC CSE.

Samples (Click on the link to download)

Geography-Class VIII (New Edition)

This time we will bring with new compilations notes that will make you to complete all NCERTs at one go. We assure you that it will be best in the market because all what is need is to save time and to focus on other important things like Optional Preparations, Giving Mock Tests, Covering Current Affairs etc. So it is not to clear Prelims only but to crack Civil Service Exam that you were dreamt about. Remember our IAS ABHIYAN Team are always with you to short out any issues that comes in between preparations of your Journey through out.   

For all our beloved, honest and faithful aspirants, these notes will surely be respected and prove productive

As per our plan we will try our level best to provide the above mentioned notes on time but gathering all the above and not implementing like practice, revision will surely decrease your chances of getting into the selection. So its you who have to implement it. Make your own timetable, read the basic books and at the time of revision prefer our notes. We hope they are the best guidance in your preparation. Think Upon it and Act As Soon As Possible before the time ruins you. So Take a Chance and Don’t Ever look Back from Now Onward.

1. IAS ABHIYAN’s NCERT Summary Notes is for the individual only. In case a student (s) is/are found /involved in any violation of copyrights of standard notes, the admission to the programme will stand automatically cancelled.

2. The compilations will be provided through PDF form only and will be sent to your subscribed mail id (Email address is very important as we operate through email communication only. So please enter your correct email address/id at the time of registration/subscription). If you have misspelled or mistakenly given wrong email id/address, no need to worry, please send us an your correct/alternative email id at for update at our level. In no case hard copy will be provided.

3. After successful subscription, sent us your Transaction ID /Personal details at info.iasabhiyan@gmail.com for taking necessary steps at this end.

4. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances. As these are completely digital goods, once paid there will be no refunds possible. We appreciate your understanding.

5. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights to make any changes in schedule, if need so arises.

6. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights related to admission of Target NCERT for UPSC CSE 2022. 

7. No need to create any case at instamojo platform as it will take lot of days for settlement of payment through the platform.

8. If you have not received any confirmation emails/message from IAS Abhiyan Team, no need to worry, we will definitely send the above mentioned PDFs to your registered email id.

9. All Payment options like Debit cards /Credit cards /NEFT, UPI and lot more are available for easy payment gateway and all payments are highly secured.

10. For any query related to our NCERT Programme contact us at info.iasabhiyan@gmail.com

Do not worry your hard earned rupees/amount values a lot for you and for us too. 

Q. Can I download the above mentioned as pdf?
A. Yes, you can download them as pdf (PDFs will be sent to your subscribed mail id)

Q. I have paid and submitted my details when I will be enrolled?
A. The Process will be initiated within 48 hours of your subscription.

Q. I have subscribed the programme, but no download option is showing?
A. As it is a scheduled programme all the above mentioned compilations/ notes will be sent to your subscribed mail id only

Online Payment

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