Aardvark-African Ant Bear

  • It is a strange animal that is also called the African Ant Bear (orycteropusafer).
  • The name aardvark means earth pig, referring to its stout, pig-like body that’s up to 180 cms (6feet) long, including the 60-cm tail.
  • Its coat varies from glossy black to sandy yellow.
  • The aardvark has a long snout, rabbit-like ears and short legs.
  • The toes are long and equipped with large, flattened claws; the second and third toes are united by a web of tissue.
  • The aardvark digs a burrow, in which it rests by day.
  • It ventures out at night to rip open ant and termite nests and rapidly lap out routed insects, using its sticky, long tongue that’s 30 cm long.
  • Not aggressive, the aardvark can fend off formidable attackers such as the lion and leopard by parrying with its claws. The aardvarks differ from all other mammals by the composition of their teeth.

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