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Our ABHIYAN 2022 includes

                  • Standard Notes for Prelims & Mains
                  • Mock Test Series for Prelims
                  • Current Affairs Digest & Modules
                  • Prelims inShots 2022
                  • Mains Value Editions 

Detail Plan of ABHIYAN 2022

IAS Abhiyan’s Prelim-cum-Mains 2022 Advance Learning Programme

The much awaited and the successful programme running since 2017 is hereby launched for UPSC Civil Service Aspirants for 2022. Our Advance Learning Programme-2022 is designed as per the needs of UPSC which will suit the best to the smart aspirants. We are here to guide you with your preparation and the whole idea behind this initiative is to be able to cater with the best quality and capability from our side. As IAS ABHIYAN is an open platform for everyone, but today we have started something new and targeted base. 

We will remain free to our ongoing initiatives for the upcoming UPSC Examinations. Please visit on daily basis to update yourself  to our programme. Daily Current Affairs for UPSC, Prelims Booster, Prelims inFocus, Prelims inShots, Abhiyan Pedia, Mains Value Editions etc. 

We are always happy to Help You:

  • We are a group of passionate hard working people want to make transformative impact in everyone’s life who are connected with us via this platform.
  • We believe that everyone has a right to dream and we are here to help them in their journey towards their dreams.
  • ‘Your journey is our passion’.
  • We genuinely put our efforts towards giving everyone level playing field irrespective of their background and making a positive difference in their preparation.
  • We believe in providing the best or nothing.
  • We always strive hard to achieve an extra mile of perfection.
  • We always work towards planned smart work instead of unplanned handwork.

We demand only one thing- Your Dedication “Pure Dedication”:

Are you serious?

  • The intention behind asking this question is to evaluate the strength of your desire to become IAS. You may find almost every aspirant engaging with this exam always busy and in a kind of hurry. They are preparing almost all days in a week but unfortunately did not clear any part of the exam even once.
  • On the basis of above case, we cannot conclude that this exam is unconquerable. It may possible that aspirant is missing any link which decides his/her success or he/she is putting efforts in wrong directions.
  • Observing so many cases of failures, we here sum up all possible hurdles which you might face while preparing CSE.  
  • With this, we here also discuss the reasons because of which your certainty to get success in your goal, seems clear in initial period, goes thin & dim at later stages of your preparation. At every single day, you will start demotivating yourself, but believe us it is a human tendency to remain motive all along and some time we fail to remain motivate for a longer period. 
  • Always remember starting a journey will give us lot of hurdles and obstacles. 

Details of this Advance Learning Programme-2022

A. Standard Notes for Prelims & Mains-2022:

Note-All the NCERT is/are compiled from the New Editions only

First and foremost important point is that, there is no separate reading for Prelims and Mains. Your approach should be integrated where you are able to learn one thing for your prelims, mains, interview and optional perspective. This is where almost all aspirants lack in their strategy to deal with the changing scenario of UPSC.  You have to be analytical in your preparation starting from the very beginning. 

First of all cover your first reading by going through all the books as mentioned below. We have tried our level best to stick on the standard sources and our main motive behind giving this compilations is to give the best in the market. You can stick to it and revise it as much as you can. Believe us whatever compilations/tests/current affairs which will be provided will suits as per the needs of the UPSC. Try to minimize your resources and stick to whatever we have provided. Remember revision is the key to crack this exam. As a famous saying ” The first draft reveals the art, Revision reveals the artist.

For both Prelims & Mains Perspective

Art & Culture:

  • Standard Notes Indian Art Form, Literature & Architecture (02 Parts for Mains Perspective)
  • NIOS Culture Compilations
  • NCERT Class 11th & 12th Compilations (New Edition)
  • World Heritage Sites, Folk Dances, Music, Festivals etc.

Ancient & Medieval Indian History:

  • Class Wise Compilations-NCERT Class VI/VII/VIII (All Parts) (New Edition)
  • NCERT Class-XII (03 Themes in India)
  • Tamil Nadu Class XI & XII
  • Short compilation on facts for Ancient and Medieval
  • Terms used in NCERTs-For Quick Revision
  • Special Notes on Buddhism & Jainism 

Modern Indian History:

  • Spectrum Modern Indian History by Rajiv Ahir (New Edition)
  • Bipin Chandra Modern Indian History

World History:

  • Compilations on topics mentioned in Syllabus


  • Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja NCERT
  • As this is a dynamic part of the syllabus, but here we will provide you the crux of the NCERT understand the basic idea of an issue. Remaining current happenings will be covered from The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint etc.


  • NCERT Class-VI-XII (New Edition)
  • Certificate and Physical Geography by G. C. leong

Environment & Ecology

  • Shankar IAS Environment (New Edition)
  • India Physical Environment-Class-XI (New Edition)
  • Biosphere Reserve, Elephant Reserve, Environment Conventions/Organisations, Environment Laws & Policies, Environmental Chapter from NCERT Science, National Parks In India, Ramsar Sites in India etc.
  • Environmental Notes from Ministry of Environment Website,
  • Environmental Chemistry-Class-XI, 
  • Class XII-Biology (Last 4 Chapters), (New Edition)
  • Protected Endangered & lesser Known Species In India, Sanctuaries In India, Tiger Reserve in India, Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats
  • Besides the above we have launched new initiative i.e. Environment Special where lot of environmental topics were covered freely. Like this year lot of direct questions were asked in Prelims-2018, it will be easy if you will make a separate note on each of the topic covered.


  • Indian Economic Development-Class-XI NCERT (New Edition)
  • Macro Economic-Class-XII NCERT (New Edition)
  • Basic Concepts on Economic
  • Government Schemes Compilations

Indian Polity:

  • Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth
  • NCERT-Class VI-X (New Edition)
  • Indian Constitution at Work-Class XI NCERT (New Edition)

General Science & Technology

  • Class 6th to 10th NCERT Compilations
  • Fact Sheets on Diseases from WHO

A.1-For Mains Perspective (GS Paper 1- GS Paper-4):

To deal with the contemporary issues basic understanding of the topics is highly essential for Mains. In this regard short notes will be provided of All General Studies Papers on each and every terms mentioned in UPSC Syllabus. 

Bonus includes in this section: 

Special Package

  • Monthly Facts and Figures for Mains
  • Quotes for Essay and Ethics
  • Best Practices / Examples for Essay and Ethics
  • Case Studies for Ethics for Essay and Ethics
  • 2nd ARC Report Summary
  • 2020 India VNR Report of NITI Aayog (Very Important for Mains)
  • Important Phrases

B. Current Affairs-2022:

We all know how important current affairs is for the UPSC Examination starting from the Prelims stage till Personality Test. To deal with this dynamic portion of current affairs lot of initiatives were freely updated on daily basis in our website like Daily Current Affairs for UPSC, Prelims Booster, Prelims inFocus, Prelims inShots, Abhiyan Pedia, Mains Value Editions etc.. This year we have covered some of the unexpected topics which was luckily asked in UPSC CSE Preliminary Examination 2021 like Bharat Ratna, ACE2, Madanapalle, Common Carbon Metric, Judicial Custody, Water Credit. 

To deal with the current affairs we will provide monthly current affairs digest in the following manner:


  1. Current Affairs Digest: May 2020 till May 2022  (02 Years)
  2. Section Wise Modules right from the beginning

Sources to be Followed: The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, PRS India, Downtoearth, Livemint, Business Line etc.

C. UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series-2022:

The UPSC exam schedule is stretched for a long period stress is something that is bound to grip you during preparation for the exam. To overcome it you must indulge in fun activities with friends and family and also by following some active sport. This will keep you rooted through the tough times preparing for the IAS exam. Our Mock Test Series includes NCERT/Standard Books Tests, Current Affairs Tests, Full Length Tests and CSAT Tests. Click here to know more about Time Table/ Schedule. 

D. Prelims inShots 2022:

  1. International Institutions /Groupings /Organisations /Conventions
  2. Biosphere Reserves, Biodiversity Hotspots & Hope Spots
  3. Important Terms of Ancient & Medieval History
  4. Mnemonics for UPSC
  5. Indices & Reports
  6. Economic Terms /Glossary
  7. Environment Conventions, Terms, Organizations
  8. Important Constitutional Articles
  9. Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves, National Parks in News
  10. GI Tags in News
  11. Places in News
  12. Rivers in News
  13. Buddhism & Jainism
  14. Faunal Species of India
  15. Critical Regions
  16. Tiger Reserves in India (Updated)
  17. Ramsar Sites in India (Updated)
  18. World Heritage Sites in India (Updated)
  19. Elephant Corridors /Reserves in India
  20. Government Portals & Apps
  21. Know Your State
  22. Folk Dance /Folk Paintings /Martial Art Forms /Theatre Forms of India
  23. Fact Sheet on Diseases
  24. India’s Ranking on Production & Consumption
  25. Tiger Corridors in India
  26. Awards & Prizes
  27. Maritime Exercises
  28. Tribes (PVTGs) in News
  29. Science and Technology Missions
  30. Any other topics

E. Mains Value Editions:

  1. Case Studies for Essay & Ethics
  2. Best Practices for Essay, GS & Ethics
  3. Monthly Facts & Figures for Essay, GS 
  4. ARC Report Summaries
  5. India VNR Report Summary (SDG Goals)
  6. Quotes Collection
  7. Key Words /Phrases for Essay, GS & Ethics

Sample of our notes/test series/current affairs (Click on the link):

For all our beloved, honest and faithful aspirants, these notes will surely be respected and prove productive

When you will get all the above mentioned notes/tests/current affairs? 

1. Compilations of NCERT and Standard Books:

  • Starting from November 2021 till March-2022 (Complete Standard Notes)

2. Prelims Test Series:

  • As per the time table/schedule.

  • Each test will be provided to your subscribed mail id where you can download the same, take print out and give along with your preparation. 

3. Current Affairs Digest:

  • Each Monthly Current Affairs Compilations (As stated Above) will be provided during the 2nd week of proceeding month. 

  • Facts and Figures/Quotes will be delivered in a separate sheet which will be helpful for Mains Exam. These compilations are salt to your answers to stay edge over other aspirants.

3. Prelims inShots 2022:

  • November 2021 till May 2022

4. Mains Value Editions:

  • November 2021 till May 2022 (From May 2020 till May 2022)

Last thing First-Implementation:

We like to write only one line for implementation:

  1. “Do Anything & Everything to Complete Your Plan.”
  2. This simple principle demands your sincerity towards your goal and this sincerity culminates into consistency, which is the most essential part, after planning, decides your graceful destiny.
  3. Be consistent in reading, revision and the last but not the least, practice.
  4. Watch RSTV programmes like The Big Picture, India’s World, Security Scan etc for enhancing your thought process to deal in interview.
  5. Your cooperation in this regard is highly Appreciated/Solicited.

As per our plan we will try our level best and committed to provide the above mentioned notes/test series/monthly current affairs on time but gathering all the above and not implementing like practice, revision will surely decrease your chances of getting into the selection. So its you who have to implement it. Make you own timetable which suits as per your needs, read the basic books and at the time of revision prefer our notes. We hope they are the best guidance in your preparation. Think Upon it and act as soon as possible before the time ruins you. So Take a Chance and Don’t Ever look Back from Now Onward.

Image result for best motivation quotes of vivekanand

And for the leaking agents– Only one message. You will never be able to do justice in your life whatsoever you achieve throughout. If you cannot respect others hard work and have no ethical values, forget about having the mask of an aspirant. You have no idea what it takes to prepare them So act like an aspirant a “Real Aspirant”

At least think for a while and act accordingly.

We can only request you not to do it again.


  1. ABHIYAN 2022 is for the individual only. In case a student (s) is/are found /involved in any violation of copyrights of test series/standard notes/current affairs, the admission to the programme will stand automatically cancelled.
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