Accelerate Vigyan scheme


  • Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament, has invited applications under ‘ABHYAAS’, a program of Accelerate Vigyan scheme.

About Accelerate Vigyan Scheme

  • “Accelerate Vigyan” (AV) strives to provide a big push to high-end scientific research and prepare scientific workforce, which can venture into research careers and a knowledge-based economy.

    Accelerate Vigyan scheme
    Credit: DTE
  • AV aims to expand the research base in the country, with three broad goals
    • consolidation / aggregation of all scientific training programs,
    • initiating high-end orientation workshops and
    • creating opportunities for training and skill internships.


  • ‘ABHYAAS’, a program of AV scheme, is an attempt to boost research and development in the country by enabling and grooming potential postgraduate / PhD students by developing dedicated research skills in selected areas / disciplines / fields through its two components — high-end workshops (“KAARYASHALA”) and Training and Skill Internship (“VRITIKA”).
  • This is especially important for researchers with limited opportunities to access such learning capacities / facilities / infrastructure.
  • The list of dedicated themes for the high-end workshops can be found at the AV web portal, whereas there are no specific target themes for “VRITIKA”.
  • Faculty or scientists working in the central institutions of higher learning and research such as IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs and others as well as laboratories of eminence like CSIR, ICAR and ICMR are invited as event organisers for organising high-end workshops (“KAARYASHALA”) and training and skill internship (“VRITIKA”). 

Source: DTE

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