Adilabad Dokra and Warangal Durries get GI tag

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  • Adilabad Dokra, an ancient bell metal craft popular in the tribal regions of Adilabad district in Telangana, and Warangal Durries, which has brought much acclaim to the weaver community of Warangal region, have been issued the Geographical Indication (GI) Registration Certificate by the GI Registry, Chennai.
  • The GI certification of these crafts will help the authentic producers to earn a premium on their products, thereby helping in improving their livelihood.
  • In addition, GI tag can be used as a marketing tool to promote the products in India and abroad.

GI Tag status given in 2017

The products which have received the GI tag in 2017 include- 
(1) Pochampally Ikat of Telangana
(2) Gobindobhog rice of West Bengal
(3) Durgi stone carvings of Andhra Pradesh
(4) Etikoppaka toys of Andhra Pradesh
(5) Chakshesang shawl of Nagaland

(6) Banaganapalle mangoes of Andhra Pradesh
(7) Tulaipanji rice of West Bengal

(8) Banglar Rasogolla of West Bengal

GI Tag awarded in 2018

  • Araku coffee (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Kadaknath Chicken (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Adilabad Dokra (Telangana)
  • Warangal Durries (Telangana)

Source:TH & Wiki