AIRS Fellowship Program


  • The AIRS Fellowship Program is a bilateral initiative aimed at fostering research collaborations and student mobility between India and Australia.

About AIRS Fellowship Program

  • The program is led by the Australia India Institute and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.
  • The main objective of the program is to build strong academic relations between the two countries and promote research excellence.
  • This year, more than 60 emerging researchers from India and Australia have been awarded the prestigious fellowship.
  • These researchers were selected through the Australian Researcher Cooperation Hub-India, which is a platform for facilitating research collaborations between the two countries.

    AIRS Fellowship Program
    Courtesy: Scholarships in India
  • The selected fellows will work on a diverse range of research topics, including climate change, health, agriculture, and energy.
  • The AIRS Fellowship Program is a key component of the Update to the India Economic Strategy to 2035 action plan, which seeks to strengthen the academic relations between India and Australia.
  • The program is aligned with the Australian government’s Indo-Pacific engagement policy and its commitment to building strong partnerships with countries in the region.
  • The program provides a platform for promoting academic excellence and research collaborations between India and Australia.
  • The program also helps to build institutional linkages between the academic institutions in the two countries.
  • The fellowship program promotes knowledge exchange and transfer, which is essential for building capacity in research and development.
  • The AIRS Fellowship Program is designed to empower emerging researchers by providing them with opportunities to gain international exposure, develop research skills, and build professional networks.
  • The program focuses on nurturing young talent and encouraging them to pursue careers in research and academia.
  • The program also promotes diversity and gender equity by encouraging women researchers to apply for the fellowship.
  • This year, around 59 percent of the selected fellows are women, which is a significant achievement for the program.
  • The program recognizes the importance of gender equity in research and academia and aims to promote equal opportunities for all.

Source: India Education Diary

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