All India Radio News Analysis-May 2022

All India Radio News Analysis for UPSC IAS

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All India Radio News Analysis for UPSC IAS Examination is the best part of AIR. It is in a question answer format and features a journalist and a subject expert. It is a great add on to the editorials in the newspaper. It gives you insights about various issues of national and international importance.

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All India Radio News Analysis-May 2022

Prime Minister’s tri-nation tour to Germany, Denmark and France

Prime Minister’s visit to Germany and its significance

India-Denmark, Bilateral ties and Nordic Summit Significance

Significance of Prime Minister’s visit to European Nations and Nordic Summit

Discussion on expansion of ports and waterways

Discussion on increasing capacity of food grain production and storage in India

Sagarmala Project – A boost to Port connectivity and Mobility

Discussion on record exports and economy being strengthened by GST

Developments in Sri Lanka

Discussion on various aspects of sedition law

India-Nepal Ties

Discussion on the ban of wheat export by the central government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lumbini

India’s Journey to 5G and the Forays into 6G

Discussion on Catch the Rain campaign

Special program on the report of the Jammu and Kashmir Delimitation Commission

Prime Minister’s visit to Japan & QUAD Summit

QUAD Summit and it’s significance

Discussion on relief measures by the government for public welfare

QUAD Summit & Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for a secure tomorrow

Gains for India at the World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos

Discussion on the growing potential of drone manufacturing in India

Drone Technology – A Boon for Mankind

Special discussion on the role of yoga as therapy

Discussion on PM Cares for Children initiative