Jaipur’s Amagarh Fort


  • A fort in Jaipur is at the centre of a conflict between the tribal Meena community and local Hindu groups. Both sides have filed police cases and are running social media campaigns to assemble at the fort and show their strength.

What is the history of the Amagarh Fort?

  • According to historian Rima Hooja, the present form of the Amagarh Fort was given in the 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, founder of Jaipur. Amagarh Fort
  • It has always been believed that there was some construction at the place before Jai Singh II built the fort.
  • Prior to Rajput rule by the Kachhwaha dynasty, Jaipur and its nearby regions were ruled by Meenas, who had political control, she said. She stressed the need for a detailed documentation of the history of the Meena community, now largely oral.
  • Sardars from the Meena community ruled large parts of Rajasthan till around 1100 AD.
  • Amba Mata is different from Ambika Bhawani. “Like other tribal groups, Meenas too worship ancestors. Amba Mata was such an ancestor, a living person and not a god. Amba Mata is not related to Ambika Bhawani or Durga. An effort is being made by Hindu organisations to appropriate Amba Mata as Ambika Bhawani.

Source: IE

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