Ambedkar’s birth anniversary to be observed as ‘Water Day’ in the country

  • Birth anniversary of the father of Indian Constitution B R Ambedkar (April 14), will be observed as “Water Day” in the country.
  • The idea is to sensitise people about managing precious water resources on birth anniversary of Ambedkar, who, besides being instrumental in framing the country’s Constitution, was also responsible for a definite all-India policy on managing water resources in India.
  • Ambedkar was a pioneer in the field of developing multi-purpose projects for independent India. He had, in fact, been the moving spirit behind the Damodar Valley, Hirakud and other projects“, said the Central Water Commission (CWC) in its research paper which was brought out on the occasion of the Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary in April this year.
  • The research paper – Ambedkar’s contribution to water resources development – also recalled how he had helped in evolving “a new water and power policy during 1942-46 to utilise the water resources of the country to the best advantage of everybody”.
  • An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock, from which groundwater can be extracted. The mapping will assist the state in estimating the quantity and quality of groundwater in an aquifer and would help it in assessment of sustainable level of water extraction. It will eventually help in predicting the groundwater scenario in the country.


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