Anang Tal lake


  • The Anang Tal lake in South Delhi, believed to have been built a thousand years ago, has been declared a monument of national importance through a gazette notification by the Ministry of Culture.

Key Details

  • The ancient mound including Anang Tal, Tehsil Mehrauli, district South Delhi, National Capital Territory Delhi… is an ancient site and remains of national importance; Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 4 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 (24 of 1958), the central government hereby gives notice of its intention to declare the said ancient site and remains to be of national importance.

    Anang Tal lake
    Source: Indian Express
  • The national monument stature for Anang Tal is like the re-coronation of Anang Pal Singh Tomar in Delhi.
  • Anang Tal is situated “to the north of Jog Maya temple and approximately 500 metres to the northwest of Qutub Complex”, and dates back to 1,060 AD.
  • Tradition ascribes this tank to a Tomar King, Anangpal II, the builder of Lal Kot.
  • It is said to have been a place of a general resort but now it is dried up and used for cultivation.
  • Once declared to be of national importance, the site would be protected by the ASI and incur restrictions on construction activity in its vicinity.
  • The city was known earlier as DhillikaPuri, as stone inscriptions excavated by Lord Cunningham have revealed.
  • Anang Tal has a strong Rajasthan connection as Maharaja Anang Pal is known as nana (maternal grandfather) of Prithviraj Chauhan whose fort Rai Pithora is on the list of the ASI.

Source: TH & IE

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