Anti-Venom and Anti-Rabies injections

Central Government provides assistance to the States for strengthening of health infrastructure under the National Health Mission. This facilitates treatment for various diseases and emergencies including snake bites. Health being a State subject, the Ministry has asked the States to procure anti-snake venom serum under National Health Mission after reflecting the same in their annual PIP for approvals.

About Rabies:

  • Rabies is transmitted to the humans following bite of animals (dogs, cats, monkeys, mongoose etc.) infected by rabies virus.

  • For prevention of deaths due to Rabies, Government of India is implementing the National Rabies Control Programme in the country.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Prevent human deaths due to rabies

  • Prevent transmission of rabies virus in dog population

  • Mass vaccination of dogs.

  • Dog population management

  • Strengthening surveillance & response.

To prevent deaths due to human rabies, the strategy adopted is to implement more cost effective Intra Dermal (ID) route of inoculation for anti-rabies vaccines for Category II & Category III bites and infiltration of Rabies immunoglobulin in all Cat III bites in all major anti-rabies clinics of government health facilities.


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