Assam’s Flood Resistant Paddy


  • Recently, farmers from Golaghat district in Assam have cultivated new flood resistant paddy varieties to shift from the traditional ones.
  • The varieties called Ranjit Sub1, Swarna Sub1 and Bahadur Sub1 have been used by about 60% farmers of the West Brahmaputra area.

Key Details:

  • Farmers in flood-prone areas of Assam have been harvesting the water-resistant Swarna Sub1, developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and the Manila-based International Rice Research Institute, since 2009.
  • These varieties were introduced in Assam since 2009. But their adoption was low.
  • The rice varieties can withstand submergence up to 2 weeks.
  • High yielde. about 5 tonnes per hectare.
  • These varieties can get regenerated again in case damaged by the flood, hence ensure maximum productivity.

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