Assessment of Sustainable Development Goals

  • The study titled “Measuring the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in 188 countries: a baseline analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015” published recently in medical journal “The Lancet”  placed India   at 143rd  position. The paper stated that statistical methods were applied to systematically compiled data to estimate the performance of 33 health-related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators for 188 countries from 1990 to 2015.
  • Though the SDG 3 of “health and wellbeing of all at all ages” is in sync with the vision of proposed National Health Policy and National Health Mission (NHM), a National Task Force on SDG 3 has been set up by the Ministry not only to deliberate on policy and strategy but also provide technical support and guidance on SDGs to the States.
  • Certain key health indicators of India in comparison to some developing countries including Bhutan and Sri Lanka from the publication ‘THE STATE OF THE WORLD’S CHILDREN 2016’ brought out by UNICEF,   are annexed. The reasons for low performance include issues pertaining to adequacy of access and quality of healthcare, affordability, regional disparities, other socio cultural determinants of health etc.


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