Behaviour Change Communication

Social and behavior change communication (SBCC), often also only “BCC” or “Communication for Development (C4D)” is an interactive process of any intervention with individuals, communities and/or societies (as integrated with an overall program) to develop communication strategies to promote positive behaviors which are appropriate to their settings. This in turn provides a supportive environment which will enable people to initiate, sustain and maintain positive and desirable behavior outcomes.

SBCC is the comprehensive process in which one passes through the stages: (Put this direct into your Answers)

  • Unaware > Aware > Concerned > Knowledgeable > Motivated to change > Practicing trial behavior change > Sustained behavior change

Waste Management in Beaches:

  • Litter on the beach also shows that there is no responsible waste management system.
  • One reason why people abandon their garbage with such impunity may be the paucity of waste receptacles along the beach.
  • There is also abdication of responsibility by the companies, distributors, restaurants and shopkeepers who manufacture, market and sell these products.
  • Garbage on the beach also shows a lack of attention by authorities towards this issue though it concerns health, hygiene and protecting natural spaces — all of which are key to attracting tourists.
  • There are no police or other such representatives on beaches who are empowered to enforce the law and hand out fines.
  • Just as justice needs to be seen to be done, respect for the law arises from its implementation and the visible presence of an agency dedicated to deterrence and application of the law.
  • Behaviour change communication (BCC) could be the key to changing attitudes and behaviour patterns. India has seen success with this method regarding nutrition for expectant mothers.
  • However, BCC on tourist-focussed waste management is non-existent in Goa. There is no mention of fines or the responsibilities of tourists.
  • A critical element of BCC is having requisite infrastructure.

Need of the Hour:

  • In this case it would mean installation of waste receptacles, proper collection and management, and proper policing.
  • While technology such as clean composting can help, it is an insufficient response to an attitudinal issue. Lasting change may only come when people realise that their enjoyment of the beach is inextricably linked to keeping that beautiful environment garbage-free.

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