• According to a study Bellbirds which found that their mating songs pack more decibels than the screams of howler monkeys and the bellows of bison’s have the loudest bird calls yet documented in the world,

About Bellbird:

  • It is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae and scientific name is Procnias albus. IUCN status is Least Concern.
  • Bellbirds are found in forests in the Guianas, with small numbers in Venezuela and the Brazilian state of Pará.
  • Only the male is white; the female is overall olive with yellowish streaks below and resembles other bellbirds.
  • According to the study, the male white bellbird’s mating call is about three times louder than screaming phias the previously loudest bird singer.
  • Averaging out at a peak of 125.4 decibels, which is way beyond the level (85 db) considered safe for human ears.

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