Biaras Small Hydro Power Project

The Biaras Small Hydro Power Project (SHP) of 1.5 MW capacity, in Biaras Drass, Kargil Jammu & Kashmir, was commissioned. 

  • It is the first project to be commissioned under the Prime Minister’s Ladakh Renewable Energy Initiative (LREI). 
  • The plant will power the Drass town in Kargil, which is one of the coldest places in India. Power from Biaras SHP would be sufficient to meet normal power requirement of about 1000 families, which would make them comfortable in the extreme winter season.
  • The project has been developed by Kargil Renewable Energy Development Agency (KREDA) under Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council. The project aims to minimize dependence on diesel in the Ladakh region and meet power requirement through local renewable sources. 
  • It is implemented by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
  • The approach of the project is to meet power requirements through small / micro hydel and solar photovoltaic power projects /systems and use solar thermal systems for water heating / space heating / cooking requirements.
  • The project also envisages setting up of 10 solar photovoltaic power plants in defence establishments.
  • Such projects would be able to replace use of diesel to a great extent, at least for about 8 months in a year and reduce green house emissions in the region.


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