1. Bio-energy Technology Collaboration Program is an international platform for co-operation among countries with the aim of improving cooperation and information exchange between countries that have national programmes in bioenergy research, development and deployment.
  2. Bioenergy TCP works under the framework of International Energy Agency (IEA).
  3. The primary goal of joining IEA Bioenergy TCP is to facilitate the market introduction of advanced biofuels with an aim to bring down emissions and reduce crude imports.
  4. Government of India is joining IEA’ Bioenergy TCP as its 25th member.

Key Benefits

  • Shared costs and pooled technical resources.
  • The duplication of efforts is avoided and national Research and Development capabilities are strengthened.
  • Information exchange about best practices, network of researchers and linking research with practical implementation.
  • Engagement with International Agencies

Value Edition

  • Bio-char reduces the acidity of the soil, protects the plants from diseases, promotes growth of friendly micro organisms, and reduces the loss of micro nutrients apart from increasing water retain-ability.
  • Use of bio-char in the growing medium and the aerated activated compost tea as nutritional supplement has been a huge success.