Book list for Geography Optional suggested by Bhavya Mittal-AIR-34

Paper 1:

Part A

  1. Savindra Singh Physical Geography [ All chapters including Glossary behind each chapter]
  2. Rupa Made Simple Physical Geography [ Chapters on Slopes, Landscape Development and Soils should not be missed]
  3. ICSE Goyal Bros. Publications Class IX,X,XI,XII books [ It covers pollution, waste management, EIA, biodiversity] These books don’t need to be read line by line. Go through the books to extract points to improve answers or study uncovered portions on Environment.
  4. R.B.Bunnett Physical Geography in Diagrams OR G.C.Leong [To prepare for diagrams]

Part B

  1. For Population and Settlement Geography: Human Geography by Majid Hussain [Specifically portions on Migration, Theories of Population]
  2. For Perspectives in Human Geography: Evolution of Geographical Thought by Majid Hussain [Ch 8,9,10,12]
  3. For Economic Geography and Models and Theories: K.Siddhartha 
  4. Rupa Made Simple Economic and Social Geography [To supplement in areas uncovered]

Paper 2:

  1. Geography of India by Majid Hussain, OR Khullar.
  2. For Maps: Map Entries in Geography K.Siddhartha [Prepare for map entries and written piece along with it]

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