Brow-Antlered Deer

  • The brow-antlered deer is found in Keibul Lamjao National Park in Manipur.
  • It is largely seen over the floating biomass, locally called “phumdi” in the South Eastern part of Loktak Lake inside the park.
  • The park covers an area of 40 km² and the home range of the deer in the park is confined to 15–20 km².
  • Phumdi is the most important and unique part of Sangai’s habitat.
  • It is the floating mass of entangled vegetation formed by the accumulation of organic debris and biomass with soil.
  • Its thickness varies from few centimeters to two meters.
  • It floats with 4/5 part under water.


  • State animal of Manipur, Schedule-1 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, Endangered on IUCN Red List.

Source:WWF India

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