Buffalo Chocolates

  • The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has prepared the ‘Urea Molasses Mineral Block’ (UMMB) which is known as Buffalo Chocolate.
  • The cube-shaped bars are made of molasses, urea, mineral mixture, soyabean meal, maida, cement, calcite etc., which gives a salty taste, a welcome diversion for the animals from the ‘insipid’ fodder and cereal mixture.
  • Farmers hang a bar weighing 2 kg from the roof in the middle of the barn, which the animals will lick from time to time.
  • One such bar gives sufficient energy supplement for two to three cattle or 10-15 sheep in a shed a day.
  • The bar is not suitable for calves aged below six months and also for cows that have not eaten for a whole day.


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