C-section and normal deliveries

To combat the alarming rise in caesarean section operations in India, private hospitals are likely to be audited and asked to display the data of normal and C-section deliveries prominently.

Survey Report of  National Family Health Survey 2014-15 (NFHS-4)

  • C-section surgeries have doubled over the last decade across India.

  • The increase is sharp in States such as Telangana, where the decision to not conduct a normal delivery is determined by non-medical factors, such as insurance and costs.

  • C-section deliveries in the country, with 74.9% babies born this way in private hospitals.

  • Over 40% of the deliveries in Bihar were C-sections, while 58 % of the deliveries in Maharashtra were through C-section procedures.

  • World Health Organization guidelines, 10-15% of deliveries being C-sections is considered appropriate.

Cause of Concern;

  • C-section surgeries have a serious impact not only on the health of the mother but also on her ability to continue work after delivery.

  • Repeated C-section surgeries will also affect the reproductive health of a woman.

  • The alarming percentage of C-section (sic) surgeries being conducted in private and public hospitals has been a grave cause of worry.


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