Carl-Gustaf M4


  • In a significant move, Swedish defence products company Saab today announced that it will manufacture its Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons system in India. It will be the company’s first manufacturing facility for the Carl-Gustaf M4 outside Sweden.

About Carl-Gustaf M4

  • The Carl-Gustaf M4, a recoilless rifle, has been in service with the Indian Army since the first cooperation agreement for production in India was signed 1976. Through its wide variety of ammunition, Carl-Gustaf has emerged as a key shoulder-launched weapon in the Indian Armed Forces. Almost all the forward posts of the Indian Army along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China have been equipped with previous versions of the weapon systems.

    Carl-Gustaf M4
    Photo Credit: Wikipedia
  • The Carl-Gustaf weapon system is designed to give troops the tactical advantage in any combat scenario, including neutralising armoured tanks, enemy troops in defilade, clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings.
  • The Carl-Gustaf M4 can be fitted with a wide range of sights to ensure maximum effect in any tactical situation and flexibility for the user. The system is attached with standard clip-on telescopic sight, with additional options, including open sight, red dot sight and advanced fire control devices, available.
  • According to Saab, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is being used by 15 countries including Sweden, US and Australia.

Source: ET

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