Central Water Commission

The Central Water Commission is the apex technical organisation in the country for development of water resources and is attached organization of the Ministry of Water Resources.

• The Commission is responsible for initiating, coordinating and furthering, in consultation with the State Governments, the schemes for control, conservation, development and utilization of water resources throughout the country for the purpose of irrigation, flood management, power generation, navigation etc.

• Implementation of the National Water Policy is another important concern of the Commission.

• Over the years, the Commission has developed the technological knowhow in planning, investigation, appraisal, design and construction of projects, monitoring and management of projects, hydrological observations and flood forecasting.

• Central Water Commission has presence in almost all the aspects of water resources development and management.

• The main functions of Central Water Commission being discharged through its India?wide field basin oriented setup are –

a) Hydrological observations and studies,
b) Maintaining water resources information system for each river basin,
c) Providing assistance in regulation and development of inter?state rivers,
d) Issuing flood/inflow forecasts,
e) Carrying out techno?economic appraisal of projects,
f) Taking up survey and investigation of projects on request,
g) Providing design consultancy, and
h) Advising and assisting the Government of India on related matters.

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