Chitwan Declaration for Asian Rhinos Conservation


  • Five Rhino Range Countries countries – India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal signed the Chitwan Declaration for Asian Rhinos Conservation (2023)

Key Details

  • They agreed on managing the population of the greater one-horned Rhinos, Javan and Sumatran Rhinos with the intention of achieving at least 3% annual growth rate in their population. 
    Chitwan Declaration
    Courtesy: The Hindu
  • The Bihar government has decided to increase the population of the greater one-horned Rhinos by 3% annually in the State.
  • The State government has also decided to increase rhino-bearing areas in Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) in the West Champaran district by 5% in the next two years.
  • The VTR has been selected as one of the potential sites under the National Rhino Conservation Strategy.
  • For the assessment of security and habitat conditions in VTR and further to suggest measures for the reintroduction of the rhinos scheme in the reserve, a security and habitat assessment committee was formed in January 2020.
  • The potentially identified areas for the reintroduction scheme in VTR are Ganauli and Madanpur.

About Chitwan Declaration 

  • Under the Chitwan Declaration for Asian Rhinos Conservation, 2023, the Asian Rhino Range Countries have decided to coordinate and cooperate; research, monitor and share information; work towards improving and managing the Rhino habitat better; protect and manage the population of the species.
  • Among several other objective, the Declaration seeks to protect and strengthen the regime, gather intelligence, and share real time intelligence information on Rhino crime and its illegal horn trade. Further, it also aims to encourage the exchange of Rhinos between the populations of same species in order to improve the genetic health. In addition to this:
  • It will also work to improve habitat management techniques in Rhino bearing areas to maximise habitat suitability and expansion of its range;
  • Conduct/ promote long term research on various aspects related to Rhino conservation including population and habitat management, captive breeding potential, human-Rhino interface, genetic health and control of invasive species.
  • Increase the engagement of the local communities as stewards to secure the future of Rhinos in range countries and promote co-existence; and more.

Back to Basics

About Valmiki Tiger Reserve

  • The VTR occupies a core area of 909.86 sq km of the Valmiki Sanctuary located in the West Champaran district of Bihar.
  • The VTR was established as the 18th tiger reserve in 1990 and ranked fourth in the density of the tiger population.
  • The Rivers Gandak and Masan flow through this area.

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