Close gender gap to reduce inequality: IMF

Fodder Points for Mains:

IMF chief Christine Lagarde said:

  • Closing the gender gap in every aspect of economy is the most efficient way to reduce inequalities.
  • The most efficient way to reduce the inequalities would be to actually close the gender gap between men and women, and that is a no—brainer.
  • Whether it is access to the labor market, whether it is access to finance, whether it is the gender gap in terms of compensation, that would achieve a lot in order to reduce inequalities.
  • A study by the Fiscal Affairs Department demonstrated that, given the significant drop in average tax rate in most advanced countries, increasing the higher brackets would not prejudice growth.
  • While reducing excessive inequalities would support growth in some countries, there is only one definite way to spur growth across the world.
  • Focusing on the women in all economies in the world would significantly reduce inequalities.


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