Colour Codes for fuels


  • Recently the Supreme Court accepted the Centre’s proposal to use hologram-based coloured stickers on vehicles, plying in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR), to indicate the nature of the fuel used.

Colour Codes for Fuels:

  • The Hologram-based sticker of light-blue colour will be used for petrol and CNG-run vehicles while similar sticker of orange colour will be used for diesel-driven vehicles.
  • The court asked the ministry to implement the use of the coloured stickers by September 30.
  • The top court also asked Additional Solicitor General to consider having green number plates for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Amicus Curiae to the Court:

  • An amicus curiae (literally, “friend of the court”; plural, amici curiae) is someone, who is not a party to a case and may or may not have been solicited by a party.
  • It is he/she who assists a court by offering information, expertise, or insight that has a bearing on the issues in the case; and is typically presented in the form of a brief.
  • Advocate Aparajita Singh, assisting the court as amicus curiae in the air pollution matter, had earlier suggested the use of colour-coded stickers to identify the nature of fuel being used in the vehicle.
  • The advocate made the suggestion when the court was hearing a petition on air pollution in the region.


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