Come back home-Motivational

Come back home. It’s interesting how teams around the world love to play at home. We call it home field or home court advantage. Why is it an advantage? The environment, the supporters and the trust. This gives them energy and more motivation to drive forward to overcome the challenging opponent. Develop a home body advantage. Learn of your environment. What does it feel like? Do you have energy? Do you have a fire of desire ? Do you have support or criticism?
Pay attention. Don’t play anyone’s game. Their rules are not your rules. Get back to your home body advantage. Trust your feelings, ideas, beliefs and expectations. This is your advantage. This gives you vision for overcoming the obstacle(s). As Hellen Keller would ask, “What’s worse. Being blind or having eyes and not seeing?” She was actually blind ladies and gentleman. What are you not seeing to your favor? Open your eyes and see that you are always possible. Believe the Champion in You.

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