Species in News: Compsobuthus satpuraensis


  • The Compsobuthus satpuraensis, recorded for the first time from the foothills of the Satpura range in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district.

About Compsobuthus satpuraensis

  • Compsobuthus satpuraensis belongs to the same group — werneri — as the Compsobuthus pakistanus described from Pakistan more than a decade ago.

    Compsobuthus satpuraensis
    Source: TH
  • But it is morphologically closest to the Compsobuthus rugosulus, described from both India and Pakistan.
  • It is the fourth species of the genus Compsobuthus for India and the first to be reported from Maharashtra.
  • The Compsobuthus satpuraensis can be easily distinguished from its geographically closest congeners based on its size (37 mm long), colouration, granulation on metasomal segments (tail), number of carinae on pedipalp patella or pincers, and in pectinal teeth count.
    • A congener means a member of the same taxonomic genus as another animal.
  • Of the scorpion species found in India and Pakistan, only the Compsobuthus andresi belongs to the acutecarinatus group. The werneri group has the Compsobuthus sindicus, which like the pakistanus is found only in Pakistan.

Source: TH

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