COVID-19 & T-Cell Immunity


  • Recent studies have shown that people unexposed to and not infected with Covid-19 (caused by SARS-CoV-2 or Novel Coronavirus) may still exhibit T cell responses specific to other 

Back to Basics:

What are B cells?

  • These cells mature in the bone marrow and produce antibodiesin response to the antigens.
  • B cells are involved in humoral response.
  • As soon as B cells come across the antigens, they produce plasma cells and memory B cells.

What are T cells?

  • T cells originate in the bone marow and mature in the thymus.
  • These can be further divided into T helper cells and T cytotoxic cells.
  • They are responsible for removing the pathogens from the body.
  • As soon as the foreign antigen enters the cells,
  • T cells trigger the B cells to develop plasma cells and activates T killer cells that kill the cells affected by the invaders.

Similarities between B cells and T cells

  1. Both B and T cells originate in the bone marrow.
  2. These cells are involved in adaptive immunity.
  3. They are a type of lymphocytes.
  4. The cells are nucleated and motile.
  5. Both protect the body’s immune system and help fighting infections.
  6. Both the cells are non-phagocytic and are a part of lymphatic system.

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