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Crack Civil Services in a single attempt is not an enigma. There are simple principles, if follow with confidence and dedication, brings you at the door of success. Please read them patiently and take time to think over them.

1. Make your mind:

The foremost requirement to get success in any exam of the world is your conviction. If you are totally serious to get through the one of the most difficult exam of the world i.e. Civil Services Examination, you first need to make up your mind to strive towards achieving it by any cost.

We believe that if you have the strong conviction to clear the exam, no hurdles or difficulties can prevent you to get success.

So friends wake up and make up your mind and be prepare to work systematically to come over successfully any challenges throw at you for the next one year.


2. Planning:

Planning is the most essential part which largely decides your success. We insist that while preparing for the CSE, everything should be planned. Your planning should be not only for a year or a month, but also for a week and even for a day.

One important thing, generally aspirants miss to follow, is the integrated preparation of Prelims, Mains and Interview. Current pattern of UPSC CSE demand an integrated approach.

What to read or say to choose appropriate books or study materials is the part of planning as well. There are many books and study materials available in the market, which are prepared not keeping UPSC CSE syllabus in mind.

To sum up, you should make your own plan. Everyone has his/her own way of preparation. So, prepare plan accordingly.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you to draw out a customized plan. It is important to note that our Programme is already based on Micro-Planning. Moreover, we’ll give you a daily routine raw plan, with the help of it you can easily prepare your own plan yourselves.    


3. Implementation:

We like to write only one line for implementation:

“Do Anything & Everything to Complete Your Plan.”

This simple principle demands your sincerity towards your goal and this sincerity culminates into consistency, which is the most essential part, after planning, decides your graceful destiny.

Be consistent in reading, revision and the last but not the least, practice.


4. Faith in yourself, in resources you choose and in your planning.

Many times, students start preparation with great enthusiasm and zeal, but after few months, when they advertently or inadvertently start comparing their resources with their fellow aspirants, problems start. They slowly loose hold over their preparation and their confidence starts diminishing even if the resources they choose is the best of all times or they have already achieved good command over the preparation. This is the most common problem, find in almost every aspirant.

Here, we don’t mean to say that you should never compare your resources with any one. Our philosophy is simple to follow: take your time before choosing any single book or resources and if you choose them after in-depth analysis, you should keep faith in them. The logic behind it is that if you have any single doubt after reading particular book, your hard work doesn’t bear fruits to you.

In short, you should have faith in yourself whether it is a case of your selection of books, following your planning or your hard work.


5. Patience:

As the whole exam process lasts for around one year, keeping patience is inevitable. But here the most important thing is that your success is decided not on how many years or months you keep patience but on what you have done while keeping patience.

So, keep calm and have patience, draw out your own plan, implement it with confidence and consistency, revise and practice as much as possible, the success will not be far from you. Take my word as gospel…


We are happy to help you

We are a group of passionate hard working people want to make transformative impact in everyone’s life who are connected with us via this platform.

We believe that everyone has a right to dream and we are here to help them in their journey towards their dreams.

‘Your journey is our passion’.

We genuinely put our efforts towards giving everyone level playing field irrespective of their background and making a positive difference in their preparation.

We believe in providing the best or nothing.

We always strive hard to achieve an extra mile of perfection.

We always work towards planned smart work instead of unplanned hardwork.

We demand only one thing- Your Dedication

Are you serious?

The intention behind asking this question is to evaluate the strength of your desire to become IAS. You may find almost every aspirant engaging with this exam always busy and in a kind of hurry. They are preparing almost all days in a week but unfortunately did not clear any part of the exam even once.

On the basis of above case, we cannot conclude that this exam is unconquerable. It may possible that aspirant is missing any link which decides his/her success or he/she is putting efforts in wrong directions.

Observing so many cases of failures, we here sum up all possible hurdles which you might face while preparing CSE.  

With this, we here also discuss the reasons because of which your certainty to get success in your goal, seems clear in initial period, goes thin & dim at later stages of your preparation.

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