Crack UPSC Prelims-2022 with our Current Affairs Quick Revision Programme-“Free Mains Value Editions” 

Compilations of Most Important Facts and Concepts from CURRENT Affairs with Back to Basics FILTERED BY a Team of Dedicated Mentors for UPSC-2022

The nature of UPSC-CSE Examination is to test the candidate’s awareness about the current happenings around him/her. It a is test of alertness and awareness and not just knowledge! Students need to be updated on all current issues – regional, national or international, latest technological advancement, climate change etc. The UPSC Aspirants should have sufficient knowledge of current issues which is tested by UPSC at all stages (Prelims, Mains and Interview).

The importance of current affairs is immense. Since 2017, we have proved ourselves to attempt the tricky questions of UPSC through our current affairs programme. This year in the UPSC Prelims 2021, some of the unexpected questions like Halbi /Kui Tribal Language, Bharat Ratna, Laureus World Sports Award, 32nd Summer Olympics, Judicial Custody, Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) is the nodal agency, Definition of State, Ad-Hoc Judges (Retired Judges), ACE2, Indian Government Bond Yields, Urban Cooperative Banks, New York Declaration on Forests, Blue Carbon, Water Credit, Common Carbon Metric, Filter Feeders, Mitakshara, Madanapalle, Bhavabhuti, Bollgard I & II and many more have been lucidly covered in our platforms be it in Prelims inFocus, Monthly CAD etc. 

Be it a question from economics or from polity, it seems UPSC is taking more cautious efforts to link the subject to a current topic. So it is very important for us to know what the term current affairs really mean from UPSC’s point of view and also a thorough analysis of the previous year question papers.

What could be the logic behind such a dramatic shift in the pattern of question papers? Broadly speaking this shift in the pattern explains the intent of UPSC, which is in the quest to find the finest minds to govern the country. However, for the quest to be fruitful it would be appropriate from the part of UPSC to examine the candidate’s awareness about the society in which he is living. Static knowledge would prove inefficient for such an analysis. Society is dynamic and are subjected to changes. A Civil Servant should have the skills of a barrister and also that of a diplomat in order to cope with the changing society and also show the cognitive skills to coordinate, mobilize arguments and achieve consensus in regard to the execution of his duty. This analytical nature of the duty demands the aspirants to have an analytical mind and awareness of the society. This awareness can be imparted only through a broad reading which is beyond the textbook knowledge.

Realizing its significance we treat of current affairs as a separate subject, as its relevance is more than 50% of the civil services syllabus.

Having read the extensive current affairs from the IAS ABHIYAN’s different Initiatives, IAS ABHIYAN’s current affairs team believes that students would now be provided current affairs in a different form this year to tackle UPSC PRELIMS-2022 right from the beginning

ABHIYAN’s Current Affairs Digest includes:

  1. Monthly Current Affairs Digest
  2. Monthly Prelims inFocus
  3. Section Wise Modules (Polity, Environment, Science & Tech, Economic, etc) right from the beginning  

Time Frame and Sources:

  1. January-2021 to May-2022
  2. Compilations from The Hindu, Indian Express, Press Information Bureau, Economic Times, Times of India, Down to Earth etc.

Why ABHIYAN’s Current Affairs Digest?


ABHIYAN Team will provide you all the current affairs in a simplified manner, that will became vital for a quick and long-lasting understanding of any topics.


All the Current Affairs will be covered from the standard sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Down to Earth, Times of India etc. We will try our level best, so that you will never miss any important current affairs to ensure full coverage.

To the Point

Our Current Affairs Compilations are “To The Point”. It will be structured in such a manner, that will be your only boosting guide to revise it quickly with a short span of time. This time we will provide the relevant/crux of current affairs (Garbage Free) that will became your only base for current affairs revision.  

Back to Basics

All our Current Affairs have a background knowledge so that, along with current happenings you will link the same with static portion for quick revision. 

Mains Value Editions

  1. Case Studies for Essay & Ethics
  2. Best Practices for Essay, GS & Ethics
  3. Monthly Facts & Figures for Essay, GS 
  4. ARC Report Summaries
  5. India VNR Report Summary (SDG Goals)
  6. Quotes Collection
  7. Key Words /Phrases for Essay, GS & Ethics

Section wise Revision Modules:

  1. 1st Module (January 2021 to April 2021) – November 2021
  2. 2nd Module (May 2021 to August 2021) – November 2021
  3. 3rd Module (September 2021 to December 2021) – January 2022
  4. 4th Module (January 2022 to March 2022) – April 2022
  5. 5th Module (April 2022 to May 2022) – May 2022 Last Week (Most Probably) 

How will I get these PDFs after subscription?

Each Monthly Current Affairs Digest (PDFs) will be delivered to your subscribed e-mail id.


  1. IAS ABHIYAN’s Current Affairs Programme is for the individual only. In case a student (s) is/are found /involved in any violation of copyrights of current affairs, the admission to the programme will stand automatically be cancelled.

  2. The current affairs will be provided through PDF form only and will be sent to your subscribed mail id. Email address is very important as we operate through email communication only. So please enter your correct email address/id at the time of registration/subscription). If you have misspelled or mistakenly given wrong email id/address, no need to worry, please send us an your correct/alternative email id at <> for necessary update at our level. In no case the same will be provided through hard copy. 

  3. After successful subscription, sent us your Transaction ID /Personal details at for taking necessary steps at this end.

  4. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances. As these are completely digital goods, once paid there will be no refunds possible. We appreciate your understanding.

  5. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights to make any changes in schedule, if need so arises.

  6. IAS ABHIYAN reserves all rights related to admission of Crash Course on Current Affairs-2022. After successful subscription, we will deliver all the PDFs mentioned above to your subscribed mail id. No need to create any case at Instamojo.

  7. If you have not received any confirmation emails/message from IAS Abhiyan Team, no need to worry, we will definitely send the above mentioned PDFs to your registered email id.

  8. All Payment options like Debit cards /Credit cards /NEFT, UPI and lot more are available for easy payment gateway and all payments are highly secured.

Important Notice: Do not create any case (Like Confirmation mail not received /Materials not downloaded etc. after subscription) at Instamojo, as all the materials will be provided through mail id. 

For any query related to this programme contact us at

Now, you have in your hand the ultimate success mantra to crack UPSC IAS Exam and get high ranks. Let the world see your charm, with the best version of you! Wishing a very Good Luck to all our future Administrators!

Believe Us it will be your one stop revision module for UPSC Prelims 2022 


The complete current affairs will be provided @Rs.399/- @ Rs.199/- (Rupees One Hundred and Ninety-Nine) only. 

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