Deputy Chief Minister

Deputy Chief Minister

➖ Not a constitutional post like Chief Minister and Council of Ministers/Cabinet Ministers

➖ Equivalent to the rank of a cabinet minister (in the state) and enjoys pay and perks that a cabinet minister is entitled to.

➖ The cabinet ministers get tax-free pay and perks and so does a deputy chief minister.

➖ Post is considered as No. 2 in the hierarchy in the Council of Ministers.

➖ Does not enjoy any specific financial power. He also holds the same financial powers as other cabinet ministers.

➖ Generally, the deputy CM gets a portfolio or two, as any other cabinet minister.

➖ Even for his own portfolio, the Deputy CM has to take approval of the chief minister for any expenditure over and above the allocated budget.

➖ The official files that are meant for CM are not routed through the deputy CM, neither does the latter have access to such files or decisions taken by the CM.

➖ The files pertaining to the portfolios that the deputy CM gets, are routed to the CM, through him.

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