Dielectric capacitors


  • Researchers have developed a new dielectric capacitor a device that stores energy like a battery, taking inspiration from how the French pastry, croissant,  is made by folding multiple layers of dough.


  • Dielectric capacitors have ultrahigh power density, which makes them suitable for high power and pulse power technologies that require accumulating energy over a period of time and then releasing it very quickly.
  • Croissants are made by pressing and folding dough to create a layered pastry. The researchers applied this technique to a dielectric capacitor.
  • By pressing and folding a polymer film capacitor — a capacitor with an insulating plastic film — they were able to store 30 times more energy than the best-performing commercially available dielectric capacitor, biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP).
  • The study shows that this is the highest energy density ever reported in a polymer film capacitor. The advance may pave the way for efficient, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly electric energy storage systems for wind and solar sources. 
  • However, dielectric capacitors are limited by the low amounts of energy they can currently store. This research study tackles this limitation. Currently, there are three main energy storage options: batteries, electrochemical capacitors and dielectric capacitors for example motor drives, mobile power systems, space vehicle power systems and electrochemical guns.

Source: Economic Times

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