Digital Border By UK


  • Recently, the United Kingdom announced that it will be implementing a Digital Border by 2024.

About Digital Border

  • Digital Border will be an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) system which includes delivering a digital system allowing for online evidence of immigration status.
    Digital Border
    Image Credit: Computer Weekly
    • It would allow officials to “count people in and count people out”.
    • It will be required for all non-British or Irish citizens without a visa or immigration status who come to the UK.
      • The overseas health workers will get a free visa extension.
      • Those passengers required to get a permit under the new system would include those travelling to the UK.
      • Those who wish to work in the UK or stay in the country would need to obtain a visa, rather than an ETA.
  • This system has already been put in place for European Economic Area (EEA) nationals to apply for the right to remain in the UK post-Brexit.
  • The new scheme is modelled on the US Electronic System for Travel Authorization which has been in place since 2009. A similar system also exists in Canada.

Source: BBC

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