What is E-way Bill?

What is E-way Bill?

  • E-way is an electronic billing system for traders who are moving their goods for sale beyond 10 km radius.
  • Under the system, transporters carrying goods worth Rs 50,000 will be required to get goods pre-registered before transporting them from one location to another.
  • While the mandatory compliance of inter-state E-way bill may roll-out soon once again, however, the for intra-state, the date is June 1. States such as Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Karnataka have already implemented the e-way bill system.

How E-way bill works

1. E-way is valid for all-India movement and transporters can generate the bill electronically and in self-service mode. Under the system, there is no need to visit any tax office and check post.

2. Transporters can generate e-way bill on the official website through the Mobile App, SMS and offline as well.

3. Transporters can visit the portal ‘ewaybill.nic.in’ and generate the e-way bill by registering themselves by giving the GSTIN

4. Those who are not registered can get themselves registered on the website using Aadhaar or PAN card

5. E-way bill can be generated by entering vehicle number

6. In case of breakdown or transhipment, the traders can update the vehicle number using the same E-way bill

7. Once generated E-way bill, however, cannot be cancelled for 24 hours.

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