El Niño nicknamed “Godzilla”

  • El Niño refers to an unusual warming of waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile and Peru.
  • It is known to impact weather events across the world, resulting in excessive rainfall in some areas, while causing dry spells in regions like India, Indonesia and Australia. In India, an El Niño event is strongly linked to suppressed rainfall in the monsoon season.
  • The droughts of 2014 and 2015 were blamed on one of the longest and strongest El Niño events ever recorded, nicknamed “Godzilla”.
  • In any case, predictions of El Niño events made in March and early April are not very reliable due to what is known as the “Spring Predictability Barrier”.
  • The El Niño phenomenon is in the process of transition during this time of the year; besides, it is always tougher to predict a weak El Niño than a strong one.

Source: IE

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