Electronic Skin (E-Skin)


  • Recently the Scientists have found a new process for synthesizing crystalline rubrene.
  • This work delivered a new experimental approach for synthesis of crystalline rubrene film and realization of pyro-phototronic effect on a fully organic crystalline medium with rubrene for the first time.

Crystalline Rubrene

  • a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-based thin film which can be useful for the development of optoelectronic devices and also for preparation of Electronic Skin (E-Skin).
  • a water-free, solvent-free, environmentally friendly one-step plasma process.
  • These kinds of materials are available in biological systems such as – human skin, plant cellulose leading to their significance in the understanding of basic science of biological systems and also in their huge application prospect.

What is Pyro and Piezo Electric Material?

  • Pyro-electric materials generate electric charge when they are heated or cooled.
  • Piezo-electric materials generate electric charge under the effect of mechanical pressure.

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