Euphaea thosegharensis and Euphaea pseudodispar discovered in Western Ghats


  • Recently, researchers have discovered two damselfly species from Satara district in Maharashtra, which forms part of northern Western Ghats.

  • The new endemic damsels, Euphaea thosegharensis and Euphaea pseudodispar, belonging to the genus Euphaea.

About the Species

  • Prior to the findings, only three endemic species of Euphaea were known from Western Ghats.
  • These include Euphaea fraseri, a very common species in the forested foothills of Western Ghats and is found from Kanyakumari to Maharashtra; Euphaea dispar, which is restricted to the north of the Palakkad Gap from South Kanara and Coorg to Nilgiris; and Euphaea cardinalis, a montane species found south of the Palakkad Gap in Anamalais, Palnis and Agasthyamalai Hills.
  • Euphaea thosegharensis is similar to Euphaea cardinalis, while Euphaea pseudodispar is similar to Euphaea dispar but can be easily separated by its colouration and morphology.
  • They are restricted to the high elevation streams and riparian patches of Satara district around Thoseghar and Kaas lake in Maharashtra.

Source: The Hindu

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