All About Fast Track Courts


  • Recently, the issue had come in front- when Lok Prahari, an NGO filed an appeal in Supreme Court requesting for a permanent solution to the delay in cases of disproportionate assets, corruption and other criminal charges against MLAs or MPs.

What Are Fast Track Courts?

  • The Central Government for a period of five years from 2000 to 2005, established 1734 fast track courts which were recommended and granted by the eleventh finance commission.
  • Although, the scheme got extended to 2010-2011, because of the orders of Supreme Court.
  • After all this, the scheme got introverted and centre also stopped from funding the establishment of FTCs.
  • But states had the power to set up their own FTCs with their own funds.
  • To ensure speedy distribution of a large number of pending cases in the time bound manner, was the main objective of the fast track courts.
  • Retired judges or eligible judicial officers who are selected by the High Court of the respective state are the head of these courts. 
  • The judges are appointed on ad hoc basis.


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