Festivals of Manipur

Festivals of Manipur

🔸 Ningol Chakouba Festival is an outstanding social festival of the Meiteis.

🔸 Sangai Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza in Manipur. Homage is paid to the shy and gentle Brow-Antlered Deer, popularly known as the Sangai Deer, which is found only in the state’s floating Keibul Lamjao National Park in Loktak Lake.

🔸 Chumpha Festival: Tangkhul Nagas of Manipur celebrate this festival. This community is a major ethnic group living in Manipur for many ages. It is an important harvest festival.

🔸 Gang-Ngai Festival in Manipur is an important festival of the Kabui Nagas.

🔸 Heikru Hidongba in Manipur is the annual function in the Bijoy Govinda area on the eleventh Langban. This is one of the fascinating festivals in Manipur as it is celebrated on the canal. The boat race in Manipur is closely related to the Govindajee Temple.

🔸 Kang Festival is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus living in Manipur. This is the ‘Rathayatra’of Manipur which mainly takes place in the Govindajee Temple.

🔸 Kut Festival in Manipur is an Autumn festival of the different tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups of people.

🔸 Yaoshang Festival is one of the premier festivals. Main highlight of the festival is the Thabal Chongba dance. Thabal Chongba is a Manipuri folk dance where boys and girls form a circle, hold hands, and sing and dance.

🔸 Lai-Haraoba is a grand festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. This festival is characterized by the worship of traditional gods and ancestors.

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