Financial System Stability Assessment (FSSA) and Financial Sector Assessment (FSA)

• The Second comprehensive Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) is an assessment of the Indian financial system undertaken by the joint IMF-World Bank team conforming to the highest international standards. 
• ‎FSAP, a joint program of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB involved in developing countries and region only), undertakes a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of a country’s financial sector.
• ‎It is conducted every five years. Last FSAP for India was conducted in 2011-12 and the report was published by IMF on Jan 15, 2013.

• The FSAP assessment acknowledges that India has recorded strong growth in recent years in both economic activity and financial assets.
• ‎The FSAP report acknowledges many efforts by Indian authorities like:
1. Tackling Non-Performing Assets (NPAs)
2. ‎Recent recapitalization measures for banks and introduction of special resolution regime
3. ‎Formalization of National Pension System (NPS) and making the pension sector regulator statutory
4. ‎Passing of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and setting up of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)
5. ‎Initiatives such as ‘no frills’ account (under Jan DhanYojana)
6. ‎Introduction of unique biometric identification number (AADHAR)
• FSAP assessment acknowledges that RBI has made substantial progress in strengthening banking supervision by:
1. Introduction of risk-based supervision in 2013 through a comprehensive and forward-looking Supervisory Program for Assessment of Risk and Capital (SPARC)
2. Asset Quality Review (AQR) and the strengthening of regulations in 2015 leading to improved distressed asset recognition.
3. ‎The Basel III framework and other international norms have been implemented or are being phased in.
• It also notes RBI establishing a new Enforcement Department and revising the Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) framework that incorporates more prudent risk-tolerance thresholds.
• ‎The FSAP recommends that governance and financial operations of PSBs could be improved by developing a strategic plan for their consolidation, divestment, and privatization.

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