Doria’s foam nesting treefrog


  • Recently, Doria’s foam nesting treefrog has been spotted during a nocturnal survey in the buffer area of Mizoram’s Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary in June 2020.

About Doria’s foam nesting treefrog

  • The only previous record of this treefrog in India was south of Arunachal Pradesh’s Tenga Valley in 1912.
  • This frog belongs to the genus Chirixalus, of which there are currently 14 recognised species.

    foam nesting treefrog
    Source : The Hindu
  • These are distinguished from the Rhacophoridae family of frogs by the presence of opposable fingers.
  • The species apparently is rare in India and no specimen had been collected since 1912 until our survey.
  • Treefrogs can usually change their colour from lighter to darker or tan. This frog derives its name from the secretion of foam for covering the eggs the female lays. The foam guards the eggs against predators, direct sunlight and desiccation.
  • Doria’s foam-nesting treefrog (Chirixalus doriae) was first described in 1893 from Karin Bia-po in Myanmar and was later sighted in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Source: The Hindu 


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