Four sub-schemes under Umbrella Scheme


The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has given its approval for continuation of Anganwadi Services, Scheme for Adolescent Girls, Child Protection Services and National Crèche Scheme  from 1.4.2017 to 30.11.2018. 

These are the sub-schemes under Umbrella Scheme “Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)”


  • The approved Schemes include:
  1. Anganwadi Services
  2. Scheme for Adolescent Girls
  3. Child Protection Services
  4. National Crèche Scheme

The Cabinet has also approved:

  1.                    implementation of Scheme for Adolescent Girls for out of school girls in the age group of 11-14 years, its phased expansion
  2.                    phasing out of the on–going Kishori Shakti Yojana for out of school girls in the age group of 11-14 years.


  • The decision also provides for conversion of National Crèche Scheme from Central Sector to Centrally Sponsored Scheme with the revised cost sharing between Centre and States as 60:40 for all States and UTs with legislature, 90:10 for NER and Himalayan States and 100% for UTs without legislature and implementation of the Scheme through States/UTs instead of existing implementation agencies.


  • The sub-schemes listed above are not new schemes but are continuing from the XII Five Year Plan. The programme through targeted interventions will strive to reduce the level of malnutrition, anaemia and low birth weight babies, ensure empowerment of adolescent girls, provide protection to the children who are in conflict with law, provide safe place for day-care to the children of working mothers, create synergy, ensure better monitoring, issue negative alerts for timely action, encourage States/UTs to perform, guide and supervise the line Ministries and States/UTs to achieve the targeted goals and bring more transparency.

Implementation Strategy and Targets:

  • Anganwadi Services (ICDS) and Child Protection Services are already in operation in the entire country. The Scheme for Adolescent Girls will be expanded in a phased manner. National Creche Scheme will continue to be implemented in 23,555 creches.  Approval for National Nutrition Mission shall be obtained separately.


States/districts covered:

  • Anganwadi Services (ICDS) and Child Protection Services are already in operation in the entire country. National Nutrition Mission will be rolled out in a phased manner. Similarly, Scheme for Adolescent Girls will be expanded in a phased manner. 



  • The ongoing schemes have been rationalized by the Government in financial year 2016-17 and have been brought under Umbrella ICDS as its sub-schemes. These sub-schemes need to be continued for delivering the child related services to the intended beneficiaries. The aims of these schemes are as under:

  1. Anganwadi Services(ICDS) aims at holistic development of children under the age of six years and its beneficiaries are children of this age group and Pregnant Women & Lactating Mothers.

  1. The objective of the Scheme for Adolescent Girls is to facilitate, educate and empower Adolescent Girls so as to enable them to become self-reliant and aware citizens through improved nutrition and health status, promoting awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition, mainstreaming out of school AGs into formal/non formal education and providing information/guidance about existing public services.

  1. The objectives ofChild Protection Services are to provide safe and secure environment for children in conflict with law and children in need of care and protection, reduce vulnerabilities through a wide range of social protection measures, prevent actions that lead to abuse, neglect, exploitation, abandonment and separation of children from families etc., bring focus on non-institutional care, develop a platform for partnership between Government & Civil Society and establish convergence of child related social protection services.

  1. National Creche Scheme aims at providing a safe place for mothers to leave their children while they are at work, and thus, is a measure for empowering women as it enables them to take up employment. At the same time, it is also an intervention towards protection and development of children in the age group of 6 months to 6 years.


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