Gairsain Summer Capital of Uttarakhand


  • Recently the Uttarakhand Governor has given her assent for declaration of Bhararisen (Gairsain) in Chamoli district as its summer capital.
  • During the movement of statehood for Uttarakhand also, people had demanded Gairsain as the state capital claiming that it is located in the hills and is convenient for people of both Garhwal and Kumaon divisions to access.

Location of Gairsain

  • Gairsain, a tehsil in Chamoli district, is located nearly 270-km from existing temporary capital of Dehradun.
  • It is easily accessible from both the Garhwal and the Kumaon divisions, and in a way, acts as the bridge between the two regions.
  • It is expected that the declaration of a summer capital in the region will expedite development of the hilly areas.

Three Capitals of Andhra Pradesh

  • Previously the Andhra Pradesh government has also hinted that Andhra Pradesh could have three decentralized capitals, on the lines of South Africa.
  • Amaravati could become the “Legislative Capital”, port city Visakhapatnam the “Executive Capital” and Kurnool the “Judicial Capital”.

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