Global Hunger Index-2016

Highlights of the Index:

  • 15.2% of its citizens undernourished
  • 38.7% of under-five children stunted
  • According to the report’s global rankings for 2016, India, which ranked 97 among 118 developing nations, fares worse than all its neighbours such as China (29), Nepal (72), Myanmar (75), Sri Lanka (84) and Bangladesh (90), except for Pakistan (107).
  • India’s global hunger index or GHI score of 28.5 is worse than the developing country average score of 21.3. While countries like Brazil and Argentina have a GHI score of less than 5 and ranked the best among developing nations, nations like Chad and Central African Republic fare the worst with a score of 44.3 and 46.1, respectively.


  • Proportion of undernourished in the population
  • Prevalence of child mortality,
  • Child stunting
  • Child wasting

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